Aquatic Visions by
Phyl Rosa
The Swimmers

My intention is to become a specialist in waterscapes as the colour and movement of water holds me in awe.

Many of Phyl Rosa's works feature a unique water colour technique that is the culmination of ten years development.
The lakes & bays of Melbourne's West have been a source of inspiration to Phyl. 'I'd like people to think about and enjoy my painting, and get a feel for the many flows of colours and moods water evokes.'

Out on the Terrace
Water is very much a metaphor for how she sees life itself.
'Are we wrong to believe that time moves only forward, leaving actions and events in the past to be forgotten? The truth is that we bathe in an ocean in which past and present swirl around us wildly intermingling and altering each other at every turn, so that the tiniest discovery made and forgotten a lifetime ago can suddenly take on a greater significance.' source unknown

The following selections are currently being exhibited at Hobson's Choice Foods, Williamstown.
Deluge oil
Opal watercolor
Presented with Pride watercolor
Trek II watercolor

Customs Wharf Gallery, 1997 Williamstown
Phyl Rosa

The Landing
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