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Wot's an avatar?!
& a VP avatar?
How do I make an avatar?
Can I use your avatars?
Can I add my site to the links page?
Can I add your avatars to my collection?
Can I add my avatar to your collection?
You used my image!!!!
You're using my avatar!!!!

I am not a chat devotee, if you know more, tell me all about it, please!

Index Wot's an avatar?

It is a graphic used to represent a person in a chatroom. The chatroom you are interested in should provide help & relevant chat software for you to see an av' in action or check Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Index & a VP avatar?

The size & form of image used can vary between chatrooms. The VP Avatar, which used a 48x64 pixel image for avatars originated at Virtual Places.

Index How do I make an avatar?

A VP avatar is a 256 .gif (48 pixels wide x 64 pixels high).

Avatars are commonly created by two fairly simple methods, cropping a larger image to the right size or resizing an existing image. Browsing images as thumbnails will quite often give you a good indication of whether an image is suitable for resizing, Paintshop Pro does this for win95 & I understand Macs do it naturally

Click the examples below to see the image they were adapted from
Resizing example Cropping example

So first catch your image. Ok, now you need a graphics program, so fire it up.
Don't know where to start?
Check your favorite software & clipart sites.

Points to consider

  • The chatroom software uses a 2pixel border to indicate an your av.
  • If you choose to view small avs in the chatroom, they are displayed as 36x48
    egBrowser resize Browser resize

Index Can I use your avatars?

Avatars may be used freely for the purpose for which they were intended - to represent you in chatroom.
OP's avatars (check credits on display page) are subject to their conditions. Please treat those av's which are photographs of masks with consideration, I do hope to be able to credit these images with permission if I every find their source. Remaining images are those I have adapted & these you May fold, spindle or mutilate to your hearts content.

Index Can I add my site to the links page?

If you have an avatar site you would like listed, email me.
Please note, links will be text only, buttons/banners etc are not permitted.

Index Can I add any of your avatars to my collection?

It depends, check the credits on the display page.
Avatars not credited are those I have adapted & permission will probably be granted if you ask - the condition will be what this site offers others, a credit & link on the relevant display page.

Index Can I add my avatar to the collection?

I would like the collection to represent as many artists as possible & will consider avatars for inclusion. Please do not submit avatars unless you created the image or know it's source/conditions of use. I do not collect photo avatars of people, although inevitable an exception or two have crept in - just to prove the rule no doubt.
Special interests include a fondness for dragons & smileys, & I would particularly like to expand the masks collection. If you have a mask av or an image that might be suitable, please consider permitting me to use it - special plea to artists & collectors.

Index You used my image!!!!

Email me, if I have used your image & it is not permitted, it was inadvertant. If it is permitted, I would be delighted to add credit.

Index You're using my avatar!!!!

No avatars were used from other collections, if this appears to be the case, it is most probable we were using the same source. Please email me.

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