Phil Judd

     __   __                                                 __   __
     /  `-' /          ,,                         ,,          \ `-'  \
     |[====|||||||||||[::}                       {::]|||||||||||====]|
     \__.-._\          ``                         ''          /_.-.__/

In 1972 Art student and guitarist Phil Judd and singer/keyboardist Tim Finn formed Split Enz, if that is not 'nuff said, listen to the music. Phil left the band in 1977 & by 1981 had formed the NZ band The Swingers

Phil has composed for film & tv. To his credit are the soundtrack of the film "Death in Brunswick". He won an AFI award for his score for "The Big Steal", and also composed the score for Gillian Armstrong's feature "Starstruck". It was a very challenging assignment," said Philip. "...I even taught myself to play the Bazouki, in a very rudimentary fashion".

The Egg {thumbnail} Phil Judds painting The Egg is on display at Hobson's Choice Foods. Its sister painting Sprout Salad dated 1984 is part of the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria.

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Dated : 24 May 1998
Updated: 23 January 2007