[*] Star Trek : The Next Generation

* All Good things Michael Jan Friedman
* The Best and the Brightest Michael Jan Friedman
* Crossover Michael Jan Friedman
* Dark Mirror Diane Duane
* Descent Diane Carey
* Encounter at Farpoint David Gerrold
* First Contact J.M. Dillard
* Imzadi Peter David
* Kahless Michael Jan Friedman
* Metamorphisis Jean Lorrah
Planet X Michael Jan Friedman
* Q Squared Peter David
* Star Trek: First Contact J.M. Dillard
* Star Trek: Generations J.M. Dillard
Star Trek : Klingon Dean W Smith/Kristine K Rusch
* Relics Michael Jan Friedman
* Reunion Michael Jan Friedman
* The Devil's Heart Carmen Carter
* Unification Jeri Taylor
* Vendetta Peter David
1 Ghost Ship Diane Carey
2 The Peacekeepers Gene deWeese
3 The Children of Hamilin Carmen Carter
4 Survivors Jean Lorrah
5 Strike Zone Peter David
6 Power Hungry Howard Weinstein
7 Masks John Vornholt
8 The Captains' Honor David & Daniel Dvorkin
9 A Call to Darkness Michael Jan Friedman
10 A Rock & a Hard Place Peter David
11 Gulliver's Fugitives Keith Sharee
12 Doomsday World Carmen Carter, Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman & Robert Greenberger
13 The Eyes of the Beholder A.C. Crispin
14 Exiles Howard Weinstein
15 Fortune's Light Michael Jan Friedman
16 Contamination John Vornholt
17 Boogeymen Mel Gilden
18 Q-in-Law Peter David
19 Perchance to Dream Howard Weinstein
20 Sparticus T.L. Mancour
21 Chains of Command W.A. McCay & E.L. Flood
22 Imbalance V.E. Mitchell
23 War Drums John Vornholt
24 Nightshade Laurell K. Hamilton
25 Grounded David Bischoff
26 The Romulan Prize Simon Hawke
27 Guises of the Mind Rebecca Neason
28 Here there be Dragons John Peel
29 Sins of Commission Susan Wright
30 Debtors' Planet W.R. Thompson
31 Foreign Foes Dave Galanter & Greg Brodeur
32 Requiem Michael Jan Friedman & Kevin Ryan
33 Balance of Power Dafydd Ab Hugh
34 Blaze of Power Simon Hawke
35 The Romulan Stratagem Robert Greenberger
36 Into the Nebula Gene DeWeese
37 The Last Stand Brad Ferguson
38 Dragon's Honor Kij Johnson & Greg Cox
39 Rogue Saucer John Vornholt
40 Possession J.M. Dillard & Kathleen O'Malley
41 Invasion 2 : The Soldiers of Fear Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch
42 Infiltrator W.R. Thompson
43 A Fury Scorned Pamela Sargent & George Zebrowski
44 The Death of Princes John Peel
45 Intellivore Diane Duane
46 To Storm Heaven Esther Friesner

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