John Forbes 1969
The Numbers

for Alan Wearne

We've got the numbers & the swing to prove it!
Soya sauce stains his ebow the color of his tie
--in Canberra there's a jar of marbles, shining
& translucent like a poll. 'If you see a head kick it'
& then in public like the room around the TV set
its ephemeral electorate, the anchorman's opinions
Thank Christ reflect your best bet. Just how normal
can you get? To remember--it's a punt, half rumour
half antidote, 'He says she was fucking the alternate
delegate, his wife was on the branch committee, she says
he fucked the candidate'. But I won't buy that--the
rally went wrong because the coloured lights were strung
up wrong--a Shopping Centre is not a fete. And if you
don't win, well, the follow through describes the swing.

Stalin's Holidays : John Forbes 1991

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