Castle Kitchen

A door from the passages opens inwards on a kitchen with whitewashed walls and stone floors. On the wall in front of you hangs a delightful little tapestry. This shows a small green dragon, crouching below a "No Smoking" sign while it tries in vain to stop the smoke inexorably escaping from its nostrils.


On the left of a wide workbench on the north wall is a large stone trough, a faucet cast in the shape of a dragon is worked by a smooth oak lever to pump water to the kitchen. A few wooden cutting boards lean against the wall, a marble has been sunk into the bench for pastry work and the larger stockpots and baking dishes are stored underneath on two wooden rungs. On the end of the bench in an unglazed pottery bowl covered with a white linen cloth, the Castle's daily bread is rising. A wooden railing on brass brackets runs the length of the wall above a bench and from it hangs a collection of gleaming copper pans and moulds in a multitude of sizes and shapes.

From the handrail round the spiral staircase that corkscrews to the floor below in the north east corner, the east wall has been completely shelved. The shelves are laden with dried herbs and spices, lower shelves are filled with flagons of oil, vinegar, honey and beneath them bins of flour, sugar, grains and nuts are lined up. Braided garlic and onions hang from pegs in the corners.

A cast iron kitchen range has been installed against the west wall. Tiles of the deepest teal line the alcove and reflect in their deep gloss the copper kettle that simmers gently on the stovetop & a coffee pot, that waits, filter at ready nearby. Just to the right of the door a scrubbed kitchen table has been pushed against the wall & a little further along is a kitchen dresser. The sound of a fridge lurching into action from behind the door startles you.

You can...
[] Investigate the sound behind the door.
[] Look at the table against the south wall.
[] Go down the stairs.
[] Leave the room.

Dated: 14 August 1996
Updated: 23 January 2007
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