Rose Colored Glasses

  aP'                     ```Ybaa,         ,aadP'''                     `Ya
 dP                             ``b,     ,d''                             Yb
 8l                               8l_____8l                                8l
[8l                               8l``'''8l                                8l]
 8l                              d8       8b                               8l
 8l                             dP/       \Yb                              8l
 8l                           ,dP/         \Yb,                            8l
 8l                        ,adP'/           \`Yba,                         8l
 Yb                     ,adP'                   `Yba,                     dP
  Yb                ,aadP'                         `Ybaa,                dP
   `Yb          ,aadP'                                 `Ybaa,          dP'
     `Ybaaaaad8P''                                         `'Y8baaaaadP'
You still stand in front of a sturdy work table but the light around you has changed to a soft rose hue and the air is somehow reminiscent of the gentle scent of rose petals.

The parchment on the wall seems different, there appears to be more writing on it than previously.

You can...
[] Take off the rose colored glasses.
[] Look at the scroll.

Dated: 14 August 1996
Updated: 23 January 2007
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