September 2003
Volume 1, Issue 1
Page 3
In 1980 at CERN ( the European Particle Physics Laboratory in Geneva), Tim Berners-Lee wrote a computer program he called 'Enquire Within Upon Everything'. This work was to form the conceptual basis of the World Wide Web, an internet-based client-server hypertext system for global distributed information retrieval. In 1991, the WWW debuted, Tim Berners-Lee's gift to us - an open, nonproprietary & free World Wide Web.

Twelve years later his dream is very much part of our reality, according to Nielsen NetRatings in March 2003, 57% of Australians have online access from home & 72% use the internet from various locations. will be a regular section in the online newsletter, bringing you up-to-date Australian internet news
  Ride to Work Day 2003
With a growing awareness in the community of the benefits of cycling for our environment, our bodies & our pockets, more people are taking to the roads on a two wheeled alternative. Cycling is becoming safer with the increased public awareness promoted by safety programs & a growing bicycle path network as more of our roads are made safer with bike lanes. The Melway directory which shows bike paths as red dotted lines, can be used to help plan your trip.

If you ride to work everyday, this is your chance to be counted & if you don't, give it a go! It's the aussie way after all & you may well surprise yourself.
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