The cave is enormous, hollow, an emptiness pervades it. The walls are covered by a green film that glistens with moisture, even the torches burn with green edged flame, spluttering in the fetid fumes. Slime drips from a web strand above your head to the floor below creating stagnant pools on the path. The stench is appalling, too overwhelming for the occasional breeze from the archway west to alleviate. A scroll curls off a side wall, beside it, torches lead off down a tunnel.

Resisting the almost overwhelming urge to flee this ominous place, you take a tentative step & feel the fungus that covers the floor give slightly under your weight. There is a roar above you & the cavern flares with a red light, the blackrock reflects flecks of orange & yellow & the acrid smell of sulphur mixes with the already malodorous odour of the cave.

You look up. You can see no source for the flare, but high in the sheer surface of the east wall above you, is an opening, so dark you suspect light has never penetrated it's blackness. It appears to be a tunnel, but such an entrance was not built for the likes of you. You feel little regret that the wall is unscaleable, you would prefer not to meet such a creature that makes this it's home.

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