The parchment is damp, the edges droop over the text. You catch one corner with the tip of a nail & when you push it up to read the script, a tiny golden spider web pulls away from the wall slightly. Surprisingly most of the text is still legible despite the mould spots, although part of a section towards the bottom appears to be missing.
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Welcome to The Iconoweb

You are welcome in my tiny world but I must warn you that here be images. Iconoweb is built upon & devoted to the preservation of the icon. In keeping with the spirit of this aim, wherever possible icons have been used as they were originally intended, to decorate the spot to be clicked. Web travel is available, a strand from a golden web will take you to the web centre.
One must apologise for the state of this cavern & assur
is in no way indicative of The Iconoweb. It was hoped
to no avail. It may prove necessary in the fut
further action in the hope that those responsible
& restore this cavern to it's natural state bef


You release the corner & the scroll curls back into place once again obsuring the text.

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Dated: June 1996
Updated: 23 January 2007
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