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The  History  of  Thomas  and  Harriet  Cleary
and their descendents

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Alfred & Irene Cleary

Alfred Edward Cleary was born in 1892. He attended Waranga East State School and then worked on a variety of wood-cutting, fencing, channel-building and farming jobs with his brothers at Rushworth and in nearby districts. He was the manager of the family enterprises and looked after the financial side of the work.

Soon after the outbreak of World War I, Alf enlisted in the First A.I.F. and served in France in the Eighth Batallion. He was wounded and spent some time in Cheltenham Hospital, in England.

After the war Alf selected a farm at Carwarp next to his brother Bert. Again the brothers worked together in clearing the land with Mallee Rollers. Later another brother, Bill, took out the block on the western side of Alf's.

In 1923, Alf married Irene Derrick in Melbourne. Their three children, Ted, Eileen and Tom all attended Carwarp West State School. The years in the Mallee were tough for all the settlers but are recalled with fondness.

In 1936 the family moved to a fruit block on the corner of 14th Street and San Mateo Avenue, Mildura. The house was always an exciting place to visit with it's extended underground cellars. In the late 1940s they moved to a wood yard in Magnolia Avenue, Mildura. Tom and Ted worked with their father in the business and continued it after Alf's death in 1963. Alf was a man of sparkling humour with a great concern for his fellow man. He served for several years on the committee of the Workingman's Club in Mildura.

Renie, Alf, Lily & Bert »

Irene continued living in Mildura until her death in 1972. Her kindness and friendliness is recalled by all who knew her.

Ted married Elaine De Marbaix in 1956 and lived in Mildura until his death in 1984. Ted was renowned as a great reader and was always up to date with the news of the world.

Tom and his wife Norma now live at Kulgura in the Northern Territory. They work in a frozen rabbit business that Tom started in Mildura.

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